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u-blox AG: u-blox high precision positioning modules provide unmatched performance benefits to eVTOL drones

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EQS Group-Media / 2019-09-12 / 09:00

*u-blox high precision positioning modules provide unmatched performance
benefits to eVTOL drones*

*High precision GNSS position correcting technology helps Quantum-Systems'
UAVs carry out life-saving work.*

*Thalwil, Switzerland - September 12, 2019 -* u-blox (SIX:UBXN), a global
provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies, has
gained another high-profile endorsement for ZED-F9P [1], its high precision
GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module that delivers
centimeter-level accuracy within seconds. Quantum-Systems, a German company
specialized in the development and production of electric VTOL (Vertical
Take-off and Landing) aircrafts for civilian use, has incorporated the
module in its latest electric Tron F90+ [2] fixed-wing unmanned aerial
vehicles (UAVs). These state-of-the-art 3.5m wingspan drone units, which can
travel at speeds of up to 160km/hour and have a 100km flight range, are
employed in mission-critical logistical activities - such as the
transporting of emergency blood reserves to remote locations, as well as
mining and agriculture related tasks.

The Tron F90+ is the latest addition to the Quantum-Systems eVTOL UAV [3]
platform designed for cargo, inspection, survey and mapping, and
reconnaissance in adverse conditions, and consisting also of the Trinity F9,
Scorpion, and Vector UAVs. They all feature u-blox F9 high precision GNSS

The key challenge that the engineering team at Quantum-Systems faced when
developing the Tron F90+ UAV concerned vertical take-off and landing (VTOL),
and having access to accurate enough position data to ensure that these
operations would always go smoothly. The valuable payloads being carried
could thus be protected from risk of damage.

Through the multi-band real-time kinematic (RTK) and raw code and carrier
phase dataavailable to the ZED-F9P, the necessary positioning correction is
assured and the pilot can complete even the most difficult of maneuvers.
Each of the Tron F90+ UAVs features a ZED-F9P module. Through either RTK or
post-processing positioning correction absolute position accuracy can also
be brought down to 3-5 cm. This degree of accuracy means that the u-blox
module is about 100 times more accurate than standard meter-level GNSS
solutions, but is still able to present customers with very attractive

Learn more about Quantum-Systems and our products at InterGEO [4] in
Stuttgart, Germany at booth #K1.074.

As Dr. Michael Kriegel, Chief Technical Officer at Quantum Systems,
explains, "This drone project mandated an accurate, cost-effective, and
ultra-reliable solution which could provide us with PPK capabilities_, _and
offer RTK capabilities to be utilized in the future. The lightweight but
rugged construction, ease of integration and exceptional component quality
of the ZED-F9P modules were all factored into our decision to choose

"Since we released it earlier this year, our u-blox F9 platform has gained
incredible market traction, with rapid uptake across a broad array of
different sectors," adds Peter Fairhurst, Director Product Line Management
(High Precision), Product Center Positioning, u-blox. "This project with
Quantum-Systems is another great example of where we are bringing
industry-leading position accuracy to applications in which there is simply
no room for mistakes, while simultaneously managing to keep the
bill-of-materials costs involved down."

Come and visit u-blox at InterGEO [4] in Stuttgart, Germany at booth

*About u-blox*

u-blox (SIX:UBXN) is a global provider of leading positioning and wireless
communication technologies for the automotive, industrial, and consumer
markets. Their solutions let people, vehicles, and machines determine their
precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short range
networks. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules, and a growing ecosystem
of product supporting data services, u-blox is uniquely positioned to
empower its customers to develop innovative solutions for the Internet of
Things, quickly and cost-effectively. With headquarters in Thalwil,
Switzerland, the company is globally present with offices in Europe, Asia,
and the USA. (www.u-blox.com [5])

Find us on Facebook [6], LinkedIn [7], Twitter @ublox [8] and YouTube [9]

*Press contact:*
Lexi Hatzi
Account Director, Publitek
Phone +44 1225 470000

*u-blox media contact:*
Natacha Seitz
Senior Manager PR and Content Marketing
Mobile +41 76 436 0788

*About Quantum-Systems*
Quantum-Systems GmbH was founded in 2015 in Munich and is specialized in the
development and production of automatic, electric vertical take-off and
landing (eVTOL) fixed-wing drones for a wide variety of use cases. The 50+
employees (growing) are working intensively on combining range and electric
efficiency with the ability to vertically take-off and land without
additional equipment.

CEO Florian Seibel: "Our passion is the continuous development of industry
leading VTOL aircrafts. With our ready to operate systems we serve a wide
range of customers. We help to increase yields in agriculture, fly 3-D
reconstruction missions, do tactical mapping for security forces or provide
mission critical video footage in real time to military users. Made in
Germany, non ITAR and no back doors in soft- or hardware as all of our
flight planning and autopilot software is designed in house".
(www.quantum-systems.com [10])

Find us on Facebook [11], LinkedIn [12], Twitter @quantumdrones [13] and
YouTube [14]

*Quantum-Systems media contact:*
Ferdinand Veith
Online Marketing Manager
Phone: +498105 2415049

Issuer: u-blox AG
Key word(s): Special Topics

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Company: u-blox AG
Zürcherstrasse 68
8800 Thalwil
Phone: +41 44 722 74 44
Fax: +41 44 722 74 47
E-mail: info@u-blox.com
Internet: www.u-blox.com
ISIN: CH0033361673
Listed: SIX Swiss Exchange
EQS News ID: 872263

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September 12, 2019 03:00 ET ( 07:00 GMT)

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