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DGAP-PVR: tonies SE: Release according to article 11 paragraph 6 of the Luxembourg transparency law and section 40 paragraph 1 of the German securities trading act (WPHG)

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DGAP Voting Rights Announcement: tonies SE tonies SE: Release according to article 11 paragraph 6 of the Luxembourg transparency law and section 40 paragraph 1 of the German securities trading act (WPHG) 2021-11-30 / 21:56 Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement transmitted by DGAP - a service of EQS Group AG. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

ANNEX A: Standard form for notification of major holdings

Form to be used for the purposes of notifying a change in major holdings pursuant to the amended law and Grand-ducal
Regulation of 11 January 2008 on transparency requirements for issuers (referred to as 'the Transparency Law' and 'the
Transparency Regulation')
sent to the relevant issuer and to the

1. Identity of the issuer or the
underlying issuer of existing shares to
which voting rights are attachedii:
468 SPAC I SE/Tonies SE
Issuer number E00003658
9, rue de Bitbourg, L-1273 Luxembourg
RCS Luxembourg : B252939
2. Reason for the notification (please
tick the appropriate box or boxes):
[x]An acquisition or disposal of voting
[x]An acquisition or disposal of
financial instruments
An event changing the breakdown of voting
Other (please specify)iii:
3. Details of person subject to the
notification obligationiv:
Name: Patric Faßbender City and country of
registered office
(if applicable):

4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if
different from 3.)v:
Höllenhunde GmbH
5. Date on which the threshold was
crossed or reachedvi: 26/11/2021
6. Total positions of person(s) subject
to the notification obligation:
% of voting rights % of voting rights through Total of Total number of
attached to shares financial instruments both in % voting rights of
(total of 7.A) (total of 7.B.1 + 7.B.2) (7.A + 7.B) issuervii
Resulting situation on the date on which 7.0 % 2.4 % 9.4 % 114,847,586
threshold was crossed or reached
Position of previous notification (if N/A % N/A % N/A %
7. Notified details of the resulting
situation on the date on which the
threshold was crossed or reachedviii:
A: Voting rights attached to shares
Class/type of shares Number of
ISIN code (if possible) voting
rightsix % of voting rights

Direct Indirect Direct Indirect
(Art. 8 of (Art. 9 of the (Art. 8 of the (Art. 9 of
the Transparency Law) Transparency Law) the
Transparency Transparency
Law) Law)

Class A Shares N/A 8,051,468 N/A % 7.0 %
ISIN: LU2333563281
% %
SUBTOTAL A 8,051,468
(Direct & Indirect) 7.0%

B 1: Financial Instruments according to
Art. 12(1)(a) of the Transparency Law
Number of voting
Expiration Exercise/ rights that may be % of voting
Type of financial instrument datex Conversion Periodxi acquired if the rights
instrument is
exercised/ converted.

B 2: Financial Instruments with similar
economic effect according to Art. 12(1)
(b) of the Transparency Law
Expiration Exercise/ Physical or cash Number of % of
Type of financial instrument datex Conversion Periodxi settlementxii voting voting
rights rights
Equity stock option - Vesting period ends Physical 1,375,604 1.2 %
on 26 November 2022
Equity stock option - Vesting upon expiry Physical 1,375,604 1.2 %
of 15, 18, 21 and
24 months from 26
November 2022
SUBTOTAL B.2 2,751,208 2.4 %

8. Information in relation to the
person subject to the notification
(please tick the applicable box)
Person subject to the notification
obligation is not controlled by any
natural person or legal entity and does
not control any other undertaking(s)
holding directly or indirectly an
interest in the (underlying)
[X]Full chain of controlled
undertakings through which the voting
rights and/or the financial instruments
are effectively held starting with the
ultimate controlling natural person or
legal entityxiv (please provide a
separate organisational chart in case
of a complex structure):
% of voting rights % of voting rights
held by ultimate through financial
controlling person instruments held by Directly
or entity or held ultimate controlling controlled
N Namexv directly by any person or entity or Total of by (use
subsidiary if it held directly by any both number(s)
equals or is higher subsidiary if it from 1st
than the notifiable equals or is higher column)
threshold than the notifiable
1 Patric 7.0 % 2.4 % 9.4 % N/A
2 Höllenhunde 7.0 % 2.4 % 9.4 % 1
% % %
% % %
% % %

9. In case of proxy voting:
The proxy holder named will cease
to hold % and number of
voting rights as of .

10. Additional informationxvi:
The direct shareholding of Höllenhunde
GmbH is equally split in two between
two individuals (50% of the shares for
each), being Marcus Stahl and Patric
Faßbender and they control together
Höllenhunde GmbH, directly holding 9.4%
of the voting rights in 468 SPAC I SE.
Pursuant to an equity stock option
plan, Höllerhunde GmbH shall be vested
in total with 2,751,208 shares of 468
SPAC I SE (the 'New Shares') upon
expiry of the relevant vesting periods
(the 'Stock Option Plan'). 50% of the
New Shares shall be vested 12 months
after 26 November 2021 (the 'Cliff').
As from the Cliff, portions of 12.5% of
the remaining New Shares shall vest
upon expiry of 15, 18, 21 and 24 months
as from 26 November 2022. The New
Shares shall be deemed to be allocated
to Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl in
equal parts.
Done at Duesseldorf On 26.11.2021 Notes

i Please note that national forms may vary due to specific national legislation (Article 3(1a) of Directive 2004/109 /EC) as for instance the applicable thresholds or information regarding capital holdings.

ii Full name of the legal entity and further specification of the issuer or underlying issuer, provided it is reliable and accurate (e.g. address, LEI, domestic number identity).

iii Other reason for the notification could be voluntary notifications, changes of attribution of the nature of the holding (e.g. expiring of financial instruments) or acting in concert.

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November 30, 2021 15:56 ET ( 20:56 GMT)

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